DADT? That’s so yesterday. Now it’s DSIW (double standards involving women)

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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Direct from the Daily Caller:

Last week, as part of a draft report on diversity, a military advisory panel — the Military Leadership Diversity Commission — issued a recommendation to eliminate the restrictions on women serving in combat units.

The Military Leadership Diversity Commission, eh?  Wonder if they might be working a particular agenda…

“DoD and the Services should eliminate the ‘combat exclusion policies’ for women, including the removal of barriers and inconsistencies, to create a level playing field for all qualified servicemembers,” the report reads.

Hmm.  No exclusion, barriers, or inconsistencies, and a level playing field with liberty and justice for all, eh?

Navy Captain Lory Manning, director of the Women in the Military Project, told TheDC that women should be able to serve in any capacity they want so long as they are “qualified.”

“The operative word is qualified….there are some women who have the endurance, physically, mentally, it takes.”

Ah, but now we must slice the amoeba as to just what is meant by ‘qualified’ and how to define ‘qualifications.’

For those who say sex differences can become obsolete with gender neutral qualification tests, Elaine Donnelly, founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, said not so fast — standards are diluted to meet desired outcomes.

“Every attempt to keep standards for men and women exactly the same, going back decades, has failed and drifted into various forms of gender-norming and DSIW (double standards involving women),” Donnelly wrote in an e-mail to TheDC. “This happens because the same [Equal Opportunity] ‘diversity’ crowd complains about physical and training standards that serve as ‘barriers’ to women’s advancement.”

So what about the George Michael effect?  You know, I want your sex?

While Manning denies that women have any effect on male bonding, Kingsley noted that putting women in combat units can be harmful to cohesion. He said that adding a women into the situation brings a sexual element to what before was a singular mission. The addition of women — who will be significantly outnumbered by men — inserts an element of internal competition among the men for the attention of the few women.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Barbara Lee, from the Alliance for National Defense, responded to the concern that women represent a more compelling tool for the enemy to use as leverage against male soldiers, who are more likely to give into demands in order to save a woman, by saying the situation would be no different than when a man is captured.

I think DoD’s position is already written; Congress, not so much.


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