Space Fence Infomercial

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Songs of Space and Nuclear War
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I didn’t see one person wearing a military uniform in the the infomercial.  Run time is about 3:35.  Ignore as best you can the non-copyright protected quazi-metal music at the beginning of the bit, designed no doubt, to instill urgency and importance to the space fence project.

I can recall the old days when it was the Navy Fence.  Then the USAF was not going to fund it when the Navy quit the mission.  Lookee here, gonna get a brand new space fence!

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  2. Brian W says:

    This is actually a promo for the new S-Band Fence program, not the existing Space Fence. And their number for the amount of debris from the Iridium-Cosmos collision is just plain wrong – they said 800, it’s actually almost 1,800. Reference:

    • Space Wonk says:

      hi Brian–you are right, this is for the new space fence and didn’t mean to imply it was the old one. I was just attempting to wax ironic about how 15 years ago no one wanted to do (or better, wanted to fund) the space fence capability. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. Space situational awareness begins with space surveillance.

      • Space Wonk says:

        For anyone of interest, will space surveillance become the next GPS? That is, does space surveillance becomes the next “free” (except to the U.S. taxpayer, Department of Defense, and US Air Force) global utility that GPS has become? And if so, what (if anything) does the Air Force give up to make it so?

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