China, Space, and WikiLeaks

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Why is China hiding the cost of their defense build up?
Got Space

From CBS:

Newly released leaked U.S. diplomatic cables claim China is probably hiding both the size of its military buildup, as well as, on occasion, its intentions.
Australia’s national intelligence agency conducted a strategic assessment of China’s military spending, and concluded that the communist countries military buildup "threatens regional stability," reports the Australian daily The Age.
A leaked cable states that the agency found that China spent $90 billion on its military in 2006 – double the $45 billion budget publicly announced by Beijing, The Age reports.


$90 billion buys China more military engineering, research, development, goods, and services than the same amount U.S. would buy because their labor rates are a fraction of ours.

I think the arms control community needs to get involved here and solve this pronto, but where is their outrage? 
China, by themselves, is putting the whole INF treaty at risk with its figurative explosion is non-strategic range missiles.

There’s even some space stuff…

Another cable written in January, 2008, released by the Norwegian Aftenposten newspaper, cast doubt on China’s official explanation for a weather satellite it blew up in orbit in January, 2007.
Officially, China said the satellite’s destruction by a ground-based missile was a "scientific experiment."
U.S. officials, however, concluded that "China had not explained adequately the purpose of the test," and that the test was "inconsistent with China’s stated interest in the peaceful use of outer space."
The cable goes on to state: "The contradiction between China’s statements and actions in this area raise questions about the credibility of China’s declaratory policies and commitments in other areas of national security affairs. The U.S. is refraining from any expansion of space-related cooperation with China."



You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows and you don’t have to be a U.S. official to conclude what China says and what China does are sometimes quite inconsistent.

And you still can’t spell Assange without a-s-s.

  1. Coyote says:


    The arms control community is looking like a pack of wankers and wankerettes on this issue! It is as if they are saying, “Let’s ignore the real problem and focus on New START because it is safe to flog the US for invading Georgia and annexing land with ut Europe’s approval!


  2. Gojira says:

    […] Related Atomic Bomb Explosion Products A great related post about this: […]

  3. China is Sending an IMPLIED Telegraph of Intentions to Control their hemisphere.

    Imagine that wanting control after centiuries of indignity and Cruelty from other nations like Japan.
    The British and the Dutch EXPLOITED THE CRAP out of China.
    The Dutch East Indies trading Company was IMPORTING OPIUM.
    Chinas Leadership rejecetd the OPIUM and made it against the Law and the DUTCH were brutal about KEEPING them addicted and UNDER CONTROL.
    The Opium Wars are an Interesting period of Hiwstory and a great example of how other countries exploited and disrespected CHINA.

    China HAS NEVER INVADED a Country that did not BORDER theirs.Korea is still a TRUCE and not an Issue with China.
    China has issues with their spheres of Influence in Areas south of China within their hemisphere.The Islamic politics and TERROR are one of their worries. Areas south of China are being EXPLOITED and they do not want INTERFERENCE in THEIR MANIFEST DESTINY into the FINAL FRONTIER.KInd of like the SAME DAMN THING THE USA DID.

    China has a middle class that is BUSTING OUT THE SEAMS.They are having the EQUIVLANCY to the 60s in the USA Socially with MODERN TECHNOLOGY.TECHNICALLY and MILITARILY they are KICKING BUTT.
    The Less they are EXPLOITED and wages go up the Inbalance will effect the Rest of the world less.Their Pay rates are LOW.
    That is why their CONSUMERS are so Price ORIENTED.
    DUH !
    Circuit City and Home Depot went broke.
    The Home Depot is the surprise really.
    I make more than Hu JIntao the Chinese Premeir and I receive a VA Checka nd SSI.

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