The Honors Code

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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leader This is something that must be considered: now that DADT has been rolled back, where if anywhere, is the line of demarcation for unprofessional behavior?

For example, consider videographer and aspiring YouTube artist Capt Owen Honors, United States Navy.  From the Weekly Standard:

Obviously, Honors has dishonored himself. But it is not at all clear why advocates of open sexuality in the military should be so appalled by his behavior. Do they really find “raunchy” behavior shocking? If so, why do they endorse gay pride parades that exhibit the same juvenile and licentious behavior? According to the media, the videos of Honors contain “homoerotic” skits that satirize the Navy’s “water conservation” efforts…

The whole point of the gay rights movement is to say that “no one chooses” their sexuality and thus it is an inherently undisciplined area of life. Since the now-officially approved moral philosophy of Obama’s military says that disciplining one’s sexual desires means “living a lie,” we should expect many more “expressive” episodes in the military’s future.

I think this means we’re on the slippery slope.  Drug use?  Personal choice?  Adultery and fraternization?  Lifestyle issues.  Incest, like the Columbia University professor David Epstein? Oh, that was consensual between consenting adults, comparable to homosexuality, and not that big a deal.

…as it goes from informal “homoerotic” skits to open gay pride parades, the Navy will find itself grappling with bigger problems than the scandal of Owen Honors.

At some point there is a moral standard and it is based on something.  What is the standard and what is its basis?


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