Harvesting The Reset

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
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putin in time The hoped-for (recall the hypothesis that hope is not a strategy) Russian reset has come home to roost.

How so?  In the Mikhail Khodorkovsky verdict and associated sentence to 13-plus years in prison. The injustice is well described by FP,

Perhaps tellingly, it is a Russian word: naglost’. English simply doesn’t have one word that packs into so few letters all that naglost’ means: arrogance, contemptuous malice, obnoxiousness, brazenness, insolence, impudence, and sheer nerve. Google Translate suggests no fewer than 22 synonyms, none of which captures the fullness of the word as well as the Russian government has embodied it in this case.

This follows the WikiLeaks revelation that the U.S. Secretary of Defense thinks Russia is a oligarchy run by state security (actually, its more of a kleptocracy) and consider the timing of Khodorkovsky’s verdict and sentencing–after the Senate gave consent on New START. Wow, what a weird coincidence…

Good thing New START–like Russian ‘justice’–will be legally binding as soon as the Duma provides their consent.


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