Does Stuxnet Have Chinese Origins?

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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From Forbes:

As far as China goes, I’ve identified 5 distinct ties to Stuxnet that are unique to China as well as provided a rationale for the attack which fits China’s unique role as Iran’s ally and customer, while opposing Iran’s fuel enrichment plans. There’s still a distinct lack of information on any other facilities that suffered damage, and no good explanations for why there was such massive collateral damage across dozens of countries if only one or two facilities in one nation state were the targets however based solely on the known facts, I consider China to be the most likely candidate for Stuxnet’s origin.

If so, think of the exquisite knowledge required, as well as the effort, reported at five man-years, put into the effort. 

That leads one to wonder if this was a non-U.S. led job: we can’t even cut a request for proposal or contract inside the timelines being described.

Stuxnet might be the best global security investment of all time!


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