Bolivia Orders Chinese Telecom Satellite

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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China is flush with cash and wants to sustain (actually, to enhance) its space industrial base.  So can one event address both issues?  Yes.

From SpaceNews:

China’s satellite and launch-services export company on Dec. 14 announced it had signed a contract with the Bolivian government to launch a (Chinese built) telecommunications satellite into a Bolivia-registered orbital slot in late 2013.

The satellite, which is the sixth export order for satellites booked by China, will be launched aboard a Chinese Long March 3B/E rocket operated from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

…the China Development Bank has agreed to provide a commercial loan to Bolivia for the project’s costs, which in the past have been estimated at around $300 million including satellite construction, launch, insurance, ground facilities and training of Bolivian personnel… the China Satellite Launch & Tracking Control General will oversee development of the TKSat-1 ground infrastructure.

The TK what?

The Tupak Katari Satellite, or TKSat-1, named after an 18th Century Bolivian national who led a rebellion against the Spanish presence in Bolivia…

If it breaks or fails, China will likely offer a half-off special on a replacement, no joking intended.


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