Why We Need New START

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized
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New START is a bilateral arms control treaty with Russia.

According to the BBC (via WikiLeaks), Russia has been described by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as a place where democracy has disappeared.  It has become "an oligarchy run by the secret services," and according to unsubstantiated State Department cables, Russia is a virtual "mafia state."

If such things are true, New START could be an important step in furthering our relations with an oligarchistic mafia state.

The general idea would be the improved relations with the oligarchistic mafia state will enhance national security. 

On a slightly different note, U.S./NATO missile defense initiatives must be dropped or else the erstwhile head of the oligarchistic mafia state has threatened an arms race.

Finally friends, remember you can’t spell WikiLeaks front man Julian Assange’s name without a-s-s and you can’t spell condom without c-o-n.

  1. […] What’s the difference between the U.S. and Russia?  Well, one difference is the U.S. is not a yet a well-recognized kleptocracy oligarchy.  According to former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, Russia has become: […]

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