Administration Lied New START Died?

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Why Would You Think I'm A One-Eyed Pirate Goat?

Does credibility, as it regards New START and missile defense being linked (or not linked), matter?

From Dr. Daniel Goure writing at the Lexington Institute’s Early Warning blog:

…those who worry that the Obama Administration has made some secret covenant with Moscow regarding limits on U.S. missile defenses can point not only to Medvedev’s statements but also to newly leaked documents reported in The Washington Times that show that the White House basically lied when it publicly denied that the U.S. and Russia were engaged in secret negotiations over missile defenses.

Ouch. “Lied” is such a harsh word. “Basically lied” isn’t much better.  Misspoke is always good, isn’t it?  And the Medvedev deal is a bit of very recent (and hollow) saber-rattling about Moscow deploying new strategic weapons unless it gets its way on…wait for it…on missile defense.

OK, just how did this story get here anyway? Let’s hit the way back button.

In July 2010, Bill Gertz wrote of a secret deal between U.S. and Russian negotiators thought to limit missile defense options. It was denied by the Secretary of State soon after it broke.

Clinton addressed the Gertz story directly.

“Number one, there is no secret deal. Number two, there is no plan to limit U.S. missile defenses, either in this treaty or in any other way. And number three, on that score, the story is dead wrong,” she said.

Clock advance from June 2010 until this week. Again from Bill Gertz (the same Washington Times link mentioned in the Early Warning blog)

The Obama administration, despite public denials, held secret talks with Russia aimed at reaching a ballistic missile defense agreement that Moscow ultimately rejected in May, according to an internal State Department report.

Disclosure of the report to The Washington Times comes as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday pressed for a new anti-ballistic missile treaty, warning that a failure to reach an agreement would trigger a new strategic arms race.

The four-page document circulated on Capitol Hill stated that administration officials held four meetings with the Russians and last spring presented a draft Ballistic Missile Defense Cooperation Agreement (BMDCA) to Russian negotiators.

The internal report contradicts congressional testimony by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in June denying a missile defense deal was in the works.

Hmm. Testimony. Of course, WikiLeaks has made life uncomfortable for many, but…this isn’t WikiLeaks; it’s the aforementioned four-page document (it isn’t clear to me the document is the BMDCA or not.  Is it possible to have a bilateral agreement–even in draft–that clocks in at only four pages?).

Is this now a “What did they know and when did they know it?” issue?

Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald? The Justice Department is on line one.”

Remember, you still can’t spell Assange without ass!


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