What Motivates North Korea?

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The title is a bit misleading because people cause the state of North Korea to take action.

The person who appears to have the most authority in causing North Korea to take action is Kim Jong Il, and it would certainly be interesting to read his dossier.  Might his dossier reveal that Kim Jong Il:

Was dropped on head as an infant?

Has suffered from lifelong malnutrition?

Has a form of brain rot from syphilis or gonorrhea?

Is the embodiment of short-man complex?

Other?  None of the above?  All the above (and more)?

Or could it be that China, which would appear to have it in their power to crush Kim like a bug on the windshield of their regional RV, has been providing tacit cover, or even support for what he’s doing?

And if that’s so, what motivates China?


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