N Korea seeks to develop smaller nuclear warheads: minister

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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From the category “News we’ve known since 1994”

North Korea is trying to develop small nuclear weapons that can be delivered by missiles or aircraft, South Korea’s Defence Minister said on Tuesday. Kim Tae-Young told lawmakers the North is “constantly seeking to make its nuclear weapons smaller” for possible future delivery by ballistic missiles or bombers.

Kim said the North is also believed to have 40 kg of bomb-making plutonium, slightly less than previous estimates by the United States. He said it is “quite possible” that Pyongyang is also building nuclear weapons through uranium enrichment in addition to its plutonium operation.

The North’s current plutonium stockpile is estimated to be enough for six to eight bombs.

The “slightly less than previous estimates” is interesting.  Chances are the estimate was refined using another source of information, such…human beings?

But what good does it do to have all that nuclear weapons material with no good way to get it to a target?  None.  That’s why North Korea did their Taepodong missile tests of 1993, 1998, and 2006 along with their “space launch” test of 2009.

“The more you test the weapons, the more likely you will deploy them to the field,” he said. The North quit multinational nuclear disarmament talks in April 2009 and conducted its second nuclear test a month later.

Some truths are self-evident.


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