Western Australia and Space

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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From Perth Now:

WESTERN Australia will become a key partner in the international battle for space supremacy, with the state to host a new multimillion-dollar US defence base to spy on foreign satellites and keep watch on dangerous space junk.

To spy on foreign satellites, eh?

The facility will play a major role in an emerging Cold War in space.

An emerging Cold War in space, eh?  And where might it be located?  Perhaps the Harold E Holt Naval Communications Station at Exmouth.

It will have major technology and intelligence spin-offs, putting Australia at the forefront of an emerging battle between nations staking claim for territory in space occupied by $600 billion of civil and military hardware.

When will we know?

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is poised to announce the base when he visits Australia next week with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The WA project was to have been announced by US President Barack Obama during his aborted trip to Australia in June.

Why is space important?  Power projection for the U.S.  And for the Australians?

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said last year’s Defence White Paper stated Australia’s “strategic capability advantage” depended on its ability to access space and protect the nation from “foreign exploitation by space-based capabilities”.

“The US Space Surveillance Network is the principal system Australia and other nations rely on to detect, track and identify objects in space,” Mr Smith said.

Sometimes geography is important for space surveillance.  Like the geographical location Western Australia offers.

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