Why Do We Have A Space Station? (Part Deux)

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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One of the more enduringly popular posts on this site is the rhetorical Why Do We Have A Space Station?

So it’s been almost two months since that post and maybe it’s a good time to ask the question once again using 10 years studying in orbit from Decatur Daily.com as a point of departure.  The article refers to the ten-year anniversary of space station operations, which will be coming up in the first week of November.

I’ll offer that 10 years of studying something is a less than completely satisfactory outcome.  I would even be so bold as to suggest activity has been confused with results.

Consider Bluto in Animal House after the Deltas have been expelled from Faber College: Seven years of college down the drain.  Might as well join the $#%^&@ Peace Corps.

Of course, that was before he became Senator Blutarsky.

From the Decatur Daily.com article:

The station has performed almost 200,000 hours of experiments in 10 years and recently increased its crew size from three to six members.

Groan.  Yes, that’s a lot of studying all right.  How about the results?

(A) panel (discussing the ISS) said the station’s first 10 years basically allowed the scientific community to reach the starting line of experimenting in earth orbit.

10 years and $100 billion later we’re at the starting line.

Might as well join the…Peace Corps.

  1. […] Finally, shouldn’t the ISS’s low-earth orbit pretty well explored and understood by now? […]

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