The Rocket Bus and Space Truckin’

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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About fifteen years ago, a common space launch analogy was about the need for space launch “trucks”–reliable, unglorious,  and highly functional.  That was as opposed to what we had, then, when everything was viewed as a custom-made, hand-built, one-of-a-kind, always-operating-at-the-very-end-of-its-margin space launch Ferrari.

Today, I suggest a new analogy, the rocket bus.

Oops.  No, not that type of rocket bus, but the kind which can take groups of travelers where they need to go in space and cheaper than the $50 million per seat on Soyuz (and even more on the Shuttle).  I suppose the rocket bus in the video is more of a space launch Ferrari, to mix metaphors  (and analogies).

And here’s some real space truckin’, a five-star Song of Space and Nuclear War from often reorganized rockers Deep Purple.

  1. John Sheldon says:

    Really, Mark? Deep Purple? I mean, jeez, I know you’re not a spring chicken anymore, but I never really had you pinned as an old geezer.

    By the way, the funniest gig I ever saw was Deep Purple at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 1987, when Ritchie Blackmore had a tantrum and started a fight with a very nonplussed Ian Gillan on stage. Needless to say the gig ended earlier than expected and I didn’t get my 15 quid back (a lot of money back then).

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