Does The Air War College Need Grad Students?

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Does the Air War College need grad students?  Air Command and Staff College?  SAASS?

Y’know, just asking.  Consider this my contribution to the Global War On Overhead (pronounced as gee-woo).

h/t Dave Arnold who got it from Mike Gruntman

  1. John Sheldon says:

    This brought a wry smile to my face. Of course, since AWC, ACSC, and SAASS all confer postgraduate degrees (a Master’s degree in whatever) technically all students at these schools are ‘grad students’, though I can only dream of making said grad students grade papers!

    In all seriousness, however, it is probably helpful to differentiate between the stereotypical grad student studying 14th Century French poetry with no job prospects whatsoever and the rest of the grad students who study something useful to their profession and society and who finish on time with a useful, quality product.

    So, the real question becomes – do we enable AU grad students to do the latter, or are they the military equivalent (practicing the golf swing?) of the former?


    John (Ph.D. – but no ponytail).

    • Hi John–

      Not trying to be a rock-thrower, but the thing I’ve always struggled with (and still do) is how do we know/how can we tell if we’ve churned out a quality product (that is, the student)?

      No doubt they’re better students than when they started and likely better officers, but a better question (IMHO) is it worth the cost?

      Or has PME just become a right of career passage on the way to the next higher grade? That is, is selection for PME the real acid test?


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