Does This Reflect the Stunt Mentality of Our Manned Space Program?

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Yes, It Was My Twin

What’s a writer to write about when all the important space milestones (first man in space, first woman in space, first minority in space, first left-handed person in space, etc.) have already been taken?

How about twins in space?

Mark and Scott Kelly, already America’s only blood relatives to orbit in space, will make history this winter when they rendezvous on the space station. They tell Sandra McElwaine about their orbital road trip ahead of Scott’s liftoff this week.

If it had been the Olson twins, it would be a bit easier to get fired up about. And get a lot more attention, as well.  Note to NASA–contact the Dualstar Entertainment Group immediately.  Get the tie in, Dualstar, NASA?

Some gleaned insight into selection for NASA’s elite astronaut program:

For Mark, the entire process was serendipitous. “There was a lot of luck involved,” he says. “Luck and, of course, timing.”

Fellas, as Nissan used to say, enjoy the ride.


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