Update On AEHF’s Liquid Apogee Engine Anomaly

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A small bit of news on the AEHF-1 liquid apogee engine (LAE) anomaly from Aviation Week.

Japan’s IHI Aerospace is fingered as the LAE manufacturer and the model is identified as the BT-4.  Of course IHI is participating in anomaly resolution.

This anomaly may be tough to crack.  An incomplete list of usual suspects would include installation, fuel, fuel system, power, mechanical, software, interface, and signals issues.

AEHF-2’s scheduled launch has been unscheduled until the issue is resolved.  Trying to use another vendor’s LAE would create an entirely different set of problems.

  1. […] the anomaly, SpaceFlight Now reports the issue is thought to be something other than the IHI Aerospace liquid apogee engine, even as the engine itself did not fire as […]

  2. […] is thought to be due to a quality mistake that resulted in a blocked fuel line in the AEHF’s low thrust liquid apogee engine.  That LAE failure followed nominal launch vehicle and upper stage performance and the LAE was […]

  3. […] turns out to be the same end-item, a blocked fuel line for the liquid apogee engine (the little fella on the right) that industry (and the Air Force) announced in February 2011 and […]

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