Rocket Economics versus Rocket Science

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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How low did SpaceX go to win the competition to launch the next generation of Iridium?  So low they could undercut the Chinese and Indians.

Might this bring to mind General Motors and Saturn–the car, not the launch vehicle–where GM lost $3000 on each and every Saturn they sold?

Is it possible there’s a global glut of launch capability, just as there is for commercial manufacturing capability…like automobiles?

Let’s see who’s in the space launch game?  SpaceX, The Indian Space Research Organization, the Russians, the Chinese, the behemoths like United Launch Alliance, Orbital Sciences, and soon to be Sea Launch.

Yes, I’m leaving a number of providers out of the picture.

Are we looking at a full-on non-market launch economy?  Regulatory capture, anyone?

What can I say?  If you want to win in space launch, obey the prophet and send lawyers, guns, and money.


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