New NRO Charter on the Verge of Approval

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The NRO will soon have a new charter according the NRO Director Bruce Carlson.

Is this good?  Important?

Well, as relayed by Space News when Carlson was speaking at The Air Force Association’s big fall conference

“The new charter will give the NRO director the ability to call a meeting of the agency’s two bosses, the secretary of defense and director of national intelligence, to ensure new programs are being conceived in an executable manner, Carlson said.”

Yeeks.  I guess the implication is that he couldn’t call the meeting under the old charter?

Space News is among those who torture my soul with their boilerplate description “The NRO, which builds and operates the nation’s classified spy satellites…”

It tortures my soul because the NRO doesn’t build the satellites.  The NRO acquires the satellites.  Government buys from industry.  Government isn’t industry.  There is a big difference and it shouldn’t be that hard to report correctly.


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