Evidence The Senate Will Soon Be In Session

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A Russian Salute To Road Mobile ICBMs

When New START didn’t have the votes to be ratified, it was delayed until the Senate would return following the summer break.

The summer break is clearly nearing completion based on the plethora of New START articles which are obviously intended to shape the debate.

There is Should The Senate Ratify NEW START Weapons Accord? No—by Robert Monroe and Yes—by Paul Eaton, which appears in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Then we have Learning From Experience On Arms Control in the Wall Street Journal.

How about the panicky sounding Senate Must OK U.S. Russia Pact On Nuclear Arms in the Arizona Republic, which leans annoyingly and almost completely on an appeal to authority.

How about another concerned sounding effort, U.S. Grasp of Russian Nukes May Weaken, Warns Official?

The final article is The Moral Challenge Of A Nuclear-Free World.

The fundamental questions regarding New START should be ‘does it make the United States safer?’ an associated follow on ‘If so, specifically how so?’ and finally ‘How will we know?’

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