Who is Press TV and Why Are They So Weird?

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As I was doing my due diligence, I came upon an article posted to Press TV. The article was dated 2 September 2010.

Its title is ‘US addicted to nuclear weapons’ and the article is attributed to Scott Ritter.  As you might expect from the title, the article is anti-U.S. in its tone, but there’s more than that.  It’s nakedly pro-Iranian as well.  How much so, you ask?  Well, how about a quote?

“…Iran [is] a nation which is pursuing legitimate nuclear activity under Article 4 of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but this legitimate nuclear activity is being denied by the [UN] Security Council on the behest of the United States,” said Ritter.

OK, so who is the Ritter guy, you ask?  That would be former weapons inspector Scott Ritter whose own problems have themselves again gone nuclear since his arrest at the beginning of the year in an on-line child sex sting. Again, you say?  Yes, Ritter faced similar charges in 2001.

So what sort of credible media organization would trot out Scott Ritter and give him a  forum to speak?  That would be the aforementioned Press TV.

And whattayouknow, it turns out Press TV is nothing but an Iranian mouthpiece owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

If you don’t believe me, how about this piece of clumsy, Soviet-style propaganda regarding the World Basketball Championships: US edges out Iran 88-51 at FIBA Worlds?

Edges out Iran, eh?  It really sounds more like a full can of whoop ass has instead been opened by a certain Captain Insano on the Iranian team.  BTW, Captain Insano, based on his moniker, may in fact be some sort of relative of Ritter’s.

Mr. Ritter, please do us a favor: shut your pie hole and go away.


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