World’s Most Notorious Nuclear Proliferator On The Benefits Of Nuclear Weapons

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As Dirty Harry is to tough movie cops and James Brown is to hard-working musicians, AQ Kahn is to nuclear weapons proliferation.

Kahn says that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has deterred conventional war with India and has allowed his nation to walk with its head held high.

In this regard, it appears Iran has endorsed Kahn’s take, even though Pakistan’s nuclear program is a hybrid product of Chinese nuclear proliferation and Kahn’s skullduggery.

Kahn goes on, as reported by the Times of India:

Rejecting fears that nuclear weapons can fall into the wrong hands as “a Western myth and one of their phobias,” Khan said: “A nuclear weapon – good or dirty – is a highly complicated and sophisticated device. A large number of parts are needed, and expertise is required to assemble such a device.”

“Even scientists and engineers without the relevant experience are not able to do this, let alone to talk of illiterate, untrained terrorists.”

Given Kahn’s demonstrated non-integrity, his declarations don’t really make me feel any safer.  You?


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