How Important Is GPS?

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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How Important Is GPS?

It’s so important the Russians are doing it. Well, not GPS per se, but GPS capabilities.  Like the Russian version, Glonass.

A three-pack of Russian Glonass satellites departed Baikonur for space early in the zulu day on Thursday.  21 Glonass satellites are considered operational and the desire is for a full constellation of 24 satellites.

The next Glonass launch, another three-pack, is scheduled for November.

The coolest thing has to be the Proton.  What an awesome ride to space…smooth.

  1. […] course, the potential for confusion exists at all times and incidentally, the Russians have the political will and cash to build out their GPS-like GLONASS system. As the saying goes, if you want better missile warning, all it takes is time and […]

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