AEHF-1 Anomaly Might Drive A Year Slip For AEHF-2

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The combination of an unresolved anomaly along with a jam-packed launch schedule might mean that AEHF-2 will have to yield to other launch operations, delaying the mission for as long as a year.  Once thing’s for sure: AEHF-2 isn’t going anywhere until the anomaly associated with AEHF-1’s liquid apogee engine is resolved.

AEHF-2 is currently scheduled for early 2011 and given the conservative/cautious approach almost always taken with high dollar payloads (and that the powers that be generally remember failures and not slips), AEHF-2 will not fly until things are just about perfect.  Along the way, other smaller anomalies and issues may reveal themselves as well, so…a year slip seems completely plausible.

This means the money envisioned for AEHF-2 will now need to be spent on AEHF-1.  This sort of funding cascade will continue until the entire AEHF constellation is built out/launched out.  By the time this is all done, we’re talking real money.  Not F-35 money, but real money.

  1. […] discussing here, it means the pending anomaly resolution for the AEHF-1 mission will (not just might) drive the AEHF-2 launch to slip by a […]

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