Drat: AEHF-1 Will Be Late To Orbit

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Bloomberg reports AEHF-1 will be at least four months late to reach its proper orbit.  The Air Force Association’s Daily Report says AEHF-1 will likely be roughly seven months late.

Spaceflight News quotes a Space and Missile Systems Center authority as saying seven to nine months late.

Sounds like AEHF will be late in reaching its final orbit, eh?

What was the problem?  The liquid apogee engine.  There are several vendors and versions of such engines, so it remains unclear who’ll get the blame on this.

While the liquid apogee engine (LAE) is sometimes described as a “100-pound engine” it is almost certainly a 10-pound engine that makes 100-pounds of thrust.  Regardless, the LAE did not do its job.

The workarounds will still allow for AEHF’s expected 14-year operational life cycle, it will just start months later than envisioned.

I’m thinking the liquid apogee engine will have a pretty serious engineering review before it flies again.

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