ACLU Demands No-Use Of ‘high-tech ray gun’

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The Clash sings/speaks that Death Is A Star.

Next, ‘it’s hotter than a microwave’ says Big Audio Dynamite (at the 1:34 mark).

Finally, Linda Ronstadt (and others) sing about a ‘heat wave, burnin’ in my heart.’

The ACLU, however, wants to ban the use of  the Assault Intervention Device (AID), which is a small-scale version of the U.S. military’s Active Denial System.  Either one can blast a target with millimeter waves that penetrate a 64th of an inch beneath the skin.

Said blast causes an owie for the perp, who is therefore inclined to cease and desist their illicit activities.

Because of this, the device is envisioned by the LA County Sheriff’s Department as a useful tool in breaking up prison fights and to reduce the risk to prison guards in stopping such violence.

Riddle me this: if an ACLU press release writer were to be incarcerated and was at some point attacked by a fellow prisoner, would they prefer to 1) wait for a guard (or two or three) to get geared up and break up the assault or 2) incapacitate the offending prisoner almost instantly with a quick burst of the “high-tech ray gun”?

In other words, why wouldn’t the AID be viewed as benefiting prisoners in such a regard?

h/t Danger Room


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