The Therapeutic Effect Of Exploding? (Updated with video)

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Chances are you’ve had an experience in your life which is wholly unsatisfying or even worse.

Lawrence Sellin, an Army Reserve Colonel has had just such an experience–the ‘or even worse’ part–during this, his second tour in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Sellin’s vent, while of some entertainment value, is ultimately counterproductive.

Why?  Because his vent is way too personal and it offers no solutions, only complaints.  How so?  Let me count the ways:

  1. Sellin says he has not done anything productive.
  2. Little of substance is being done where he serves.
  3. IJC (which BTW, is never defined) was established to create a three-star command.
  4. The staff endlessly tinkers with its power point (shocking, I know!).
  5. The generals are cognitively challenged and need to be spoon-fed their information.
  6. The things that are said in briefings don’t matter.
  7. The general officers on the staff are in a semi-comatose state
  8. Information has little impact.
  9. The measure of goodness is information volume and not knowledge imparted or learning.

While Sellin has offered this is a form a therapy for him, what he instead offers is a diagnosis.  Therapy follows diagnosis, not the other way around.

Is there too much overhead?  Yes.  Is the military a hide-bound bureaucracy?  Often.  Does the military confuse activity with productivity?  All the time.  This is all diagnosis, not therapy.

The issue becomes what, if anything can be done?  The “doing something” part would be the therapy.

Danger Room reports that Colonel Sellin has been sent home. The good news is that Colonel Sellin doesn’t work with nuclear weapons.


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