Naked or Armed on the World Stage?

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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HMS Vengeance. Is that a great name or what?

How does one show the world that one’s nation-state is a player?

One way would be to possess nuclear weapons and delivery systems.  These are capabilities that Iran, for example, is feverishly working to achieve.

What about those who already possess nuclear weapons?  Do those nation-states want to remain players?  And if so, at what cost?

We’re talking about Britain’s nuclear future here.

“The mounting debate over the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent is therefore focusing as much on its importance to our position as a world power as the exorbitant cost of replacing the existing fleet of (nuclear) submarines and their (nuclear) delivery systems.”

Given the direction Germany (and the U.S.?) is headed with military cuts, I’d expect Britain to become less nuclear, militarily less capable, less prominent on the world stage, and in total, less relevant.

Harsh assessment or realpolitik?


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