China Rattles Its Megaphone

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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China seems to be lacking in its public diplomacy efforts.  If you want some solid proof, just go to China Daily and read the article by Admiral Yang Yi called Cold War Mindset Harms Peace.

The article is chock full of ominous terms.  For example, there is the use of the “n” word—nuclear, as in references to the USS George Washington (“nuclear powered aircraft carrier” and “nuclear-fuelled aircraft carrier,” as if solar-powered was a good option).  There’s more naturally, including language like the U.S.-bashing “fresh provocation,” “intense military exercises,” and “dominance.”

Of course, by contrast, China is a humble and peaceful nation (who has “repeatedly expressed its concerns”) but it can be provoked to action (as the “Chinese people have also expressed their indignation”) given apparent U.S. foolishness.  Unless it changes, Yang suggests, the United States “will inevitably pay a costly price.”

This means that “Washington (writer’s note: the Capitol, not the warship) should discard its deep-rooted Cold War mentality…if the two powers really want to avoid confrontation.”

Well.  As China’s opaque military build-up continues unabated, these sort of belligerent and thinly veiled threats are benefit-free. Whose Cold-War mentality is whose?

China’s political leadership would be well served by muzzling the sort of vacuous influence-ops effort floated by Yang and to rather start viewing itself as a responsible world-player.  A responsible world-player can influence its neighbors (think North Korea) for the better with the effect of enhanced regional stability.


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