Google Earth Has A Global Impact

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

The uses and impact of Google Earth, says Foreign Policy, goes beyond finding Tom Cruise’s palatial estate.  For example, using Google Earth, you can be your own intel shop to highlight border disputes, global warming (er, climate change), humanitarian crises, marijuana forests, and well, palatial estates in the Tragic Kingdom.

The thrust of the article, a series of six slides and associated narrative, is that the plethora of information Google Earth provides has created both problems and opportunities.

  1. A Google Earth user spotted 500:1 scale model that China built.  The model in question replicates a disputed Chinese-Indian border area.  “Oh that.  That’s for uh…training.”
  2. How Google Earth gets fuzzed-up regarding military installations.
  3. Google Earth shows how life is good in North Korea for two folks there (and likely not too many more).
  4. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, working with Google Earth tracks destruction in Sudan.
  5. How authoritative is Google Earth?  It can contribute to border tensions depending on how things are marked.
  6. Google Earth predicts the future of the earth.  Hopefully they can find some models to run that are more objective than the IPCC’s hockey stick.

Google Earth: the ground zero of open source intel?

  1. jenny says:

    software Google Earth Pro Plus (v5.1)

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