Kerry Delays Vote On New START

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Duma, John Kerry, Kerry, New START, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, START

Senator John Kerry has postponed a Foreign Relations Committee vote on the new START.

The original committee vote was scheduled for Wednesday, 4 August but will now be set for sometime in mid-September.

This will allow the Senate more time to review the treaty itself as well as other related supporting documents.

The non-rush to judgement appears to coincide with the pace the Duma has established.

As Henry Sokolski pointed out in early 2010,

“Finally, there is the matter of Senate ratification itself. The first START agreement, signed July 31, 1991, took 430 days to ratify. Ratification of George W. Bush’s Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (SORT), which was only three pages long and had the clear backing of the Republican Senate majority, required more than nine months. Even Senate ratification of the INF Treaty, which also enjoyed majority Republican backing and was largely uncontroversial, took a full five months.”

Or to paraphrase Orson Wells, ‘we will get no treaty until it’s ready.’  C’mon, it almost rhymes!


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