Save Me The Money

Posted: August 2, 2010 in DoD Overhead, Government, Overhead

Does Overhead All Go Down The Toilet?

The goal of Secretary Gates is to save $100 billion across the Department of Defense over five years.

The Frank/Paul position is to cut $1 trillion across the DoD in ten years.

Whatever the goal, the bill-payer de jour has become “overhead.”  Yes, the ubiquitous and no-value added bad-guy overhead.

But what is overhead?  It there a common understanding of what it entails?  And how do we measure DoD overhead?  How accurate are our measurements?

These are propound questions which don’t have answers.  Until there are definitions and measurements, it’s unlikely true overhead reductions will be achieved and instead, we’ll continue with program cuts in the tradition of the ‘peanut butter spread’ which will instead be called ‘overhead cuts.’

DoD Buzz has a great article on just these themes.


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