Arms Controllers Appeal To Authority

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Appeal To Authority, Arms Control, New START, Uncategorized

I’m always amazed at the appeal to authority thrown down by those advocating the new START.

It’s as predictable as the day is long: appeal to authority.  Then the use of the word “modest” to describe the treaty.  Next, ad hominem attacks on those who would question the wisdom of arms control.  Finally, the attempt to build a false sense of crisis.

How about an appeal to logic?  How about full and robust debate on the strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of the treaty and same regarding the non-ratification/entry into force of the treaty?

  1. […] is due to a failure of courage and falls back on traditional arms control talking points with the appeal to authority metaphorically in bold, ital, underlined, and caps.  Amusingly, he references Jon Kly’s […]

  2. […] call to submit to new START because of the authorities mentioned (as well as here), is torturous.  Are the new START endorsements being made because the general […]

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