What All Can Spacequakes Explain?

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Global Warming, Magnetic Field, Plasma Fields, Solar Winds, Space Weather, Spacequake
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A spacequake is really the snap-back of the earth’s magnetic field when it has been overly elongated by the million mile per hour solar winds.

When the snap-back occurs, the return energy (solar wind plasma) affects the earth’s magnetic field, perhaps with the total energy impact of a magnitude five or six earthquake.

The effect can go all the way down to the earth’s surface altering many over-air signals–for the worse–and impacting auroras.

Even more might be effected by spacequakes, such as the amount of and types of energy the earth receives.  Spacequake effects might reduce cloud development, and as a result of decreased reflectivity, could increase the amount of solar energy that comes down to the surface of the earth.

Something has to explain the medieval warming period and it ain’t SUVs or coal-based electrical power production.


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