Space Refueling Lacks Customers

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Commercial Space, MDA, Satellite Recycling, Space Refueling

The idea of refueling a satellite sounds great…until you think it through.

The fact that newly launched satellites will be more technically capable and modern is important; the fact refueling doesn’t equate to a straight-line life extension is important; the issue of liability should a spacecraft be damaged during refueling is important.  In summary, the fact that space refueling isn’t economically viable destroys the whole business case to do such activities.

That is why Canadian MDA Corp. can’t find any customers for refueling spacecraft.

  1. […] As such, space refueling has potential as a space service that can be sold to the U.S. government.  Without such sponsorship, it is stillborn. […]

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