A Massive ‘Non Concur’ On The 2010 QDR

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Alternative QDR, Defense News, QDR, Quadrennial Defense Review, Stephen Hadley, Uncategorized, William Perry

Defense News has obtained a summary of the “alternative Quadrennial Defense Review” which is set for release on 29 July.

The AQDR was led by former Clinton SecDef William Perry and by former Bush National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.

What does the AQDR say?

That DoD can’t get where it needs to go through noble but yet unproven ideas such as acquisition reform and staying the 2010 QDR course.

What will get DoD where it needs to go?  Modernization, creating long-range capability, addressing anti-access strategies by potential adversaries, and by making quantitative improvements in the force structure.

If the AQDR is released as it’s being described, it will be a strong non-concur of the policies embedded in the 2010 QDR.  The AQDR effectively says ‘stop fighting the last war and get better prepared for the next one.’


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