In Times Like This, It’s Easy To Write Satire

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Countdown To Zero, Helen Thomas, Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Weapons, Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame on how to dismantle 23000 atomic bombs, the title of which is of course never answered.  In fact, how to get to zero nuclear weapons, the real intent of the film being promoted, appears to be unaddressed as well.

Is nuclear proliferation a great threat?  Yes.  Do we have a plausible plan that will get the world to zero nuclear weapons?  Absolutely not.  Does the United States having 5000-plus nuclear weapons threaten world peace?  No.  That’s about like asserting that the police department having more bullets makes a town unsafe.

Ignore the misrepresentations in the introduction (she was actually outed by Richard Armitage; her husband’s assertions were all proven wrong) of the Mother Jones article which is a puff piece designed to highlight the movie Countdown To Zero.

If Valerie Plame looked like Helen Thomas, the media would have had zero interest in anything she had to say.


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