Who Writes This Stuff?

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Crappy Writing, Debris Mitigation, Lasers, Space Debris, Space Junk, Uncategorized

Do you ever wonder if (in Dr. Strangelove’s voice) “Computers are writing internet articles”?

I do, especially when I read We’re pigs in space, but Aussie technology set to clean up orbiting mess.

Example 1: “The EOS system involves special cameras peering into the night sky to locate the debris.”  Special cameras, eh?

Example 2: “Work is also under way to develop a much more powerful laser capable of punching debris out of orbit so it no longer poses a threat.”  Punch it out, eh?

An article on the same topic is Australian laser system to track space junk which reeks of massive oversell.

Question 1: how many lasers are needed? It will be w-a-y more than just one.

Question 2: this is a laser that works through cloud cover?  Wow!

Question 3: how this will be received by those satellites with sensors that don’t like getting lased?

Finally: you gotta love the line that this “will stop chunks of space debris colliding with spacecraft and satellites.”  Used to warn, perhaps. Stop, no.

The risk of such writing is that people may believe it.  “Space debris?  No problems, mate.  The Aussies have it all put to bed.”

Help!  Stop me before I critique again!


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