Wheel In The Sky? No, Laser From The Sea

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Air Defense, Laser, Missile Defense, Solid-State Laser

A sea-based laser might make for a bad day for an unsuspecting UAV.

However, you’d think such a laser it would be even more desirable for missile defense. Especially in a place like the Middle East where a laser’s effect is not so diffused by water vapor.  I suppose there’s some sort of algorithm to constantly reform the beam in an effort to keep its effect in place.

Still, the big deal to me–as a non-laser guy–is the fact this is a solid state laser of significantly lower power (5.5kw) than the 15kw Firestrike.  On the other hand, the naval UAV event used six of 5.5kw lasers.

Is the non-space based Holy Grail of missile defense at hand?


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