Free Agent Nuclear Spy Took The Money And Run?

Posted: July 15, 2010 in CIA, Iran, Iranian Nuclear Program, Nuclear Proliferation, Shahram Amiri, Spies
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The Iranian “scientist,” (yes, those are irony quotes) Shahram Amiri,who appears to have been on U.S. soil for some time is alleged to have been paid $5 million by the CIA for his efforts.  I’d say money well spent, especially since Amiri will be unable to access his cash.

Shahram Amiri departed the U.S. and arrived in Iran the other morning.  We likely won’t hear from him again for a while unless its useful to Iran from a propaganda point of view.  No doubt they’re actively plotting their ‘splainin’ activities as we speak.

The State Department’s presentation that he was here to study, however, doesn’t pass the smell test.  Otherwise, you’d think we’d have a boatload of ‘students’ from Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Myanmar here in the states studying all things nuclear.

The CIA was way out in front of this guy when this was put together:


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