Was Bolden Thrown Under The Space Bus For His NASA ‘Muslim Outreach’ Comment?

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Bolden, Muslim Outreach, NASA, NASA Administrator

The NASA Administrator drawing fire for his statement regarding the importance of NASA’s ‘mission of Muslim outreach’ has been circulating for several weeks.

But based on this link, the administration has known about/embraced the outreach mission for some time even though that ‘mission’ was rebuked by the White House Press Secretary just this week.

Similarly, this Orlando Sentinel post from February 2010 is very clear, although the Sentinel post doesn’t address the level of importance Bolden would later ascribe to Muslim outreach in his Al-Jazeera interview.

  1. […] NASA to DoD: perhaps, but we have a different primary mission, that of Muslim outreach. […]

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