Missing Iranian Scientist Shows Up In Washington

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Intelligence, Iran, Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program, Saudi Arabia, Spies Like Us

An interesting turn of events.

Shahram Amiri, the missing Iranian nuclear scientist, was probably some sort of double agent and the U.S. figured it out.  Basically, Amiri would have first given himself over to U.S. agents through the Saudis while posing as a nuclear scientist seeking a way out of Iran.

In reality, he would be an Iranian plant who was really trying to discover the depth and breadth of U.S. knowledge of Iran’s nuclear program and additionally, in attempting to deceive U.S. spies, scientists, and analysts with disinformation.

He or his Iranian handlers must have figured the jig was up.

Some tie-in with the Russians may be there as well.

Am I sounding too much like Warren Zevon?  If so, send lawyers, guns, and money via PayPal.


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