Return-To-Moon Not Quite Dead Yet

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Alliant Techsystems Inc, ATK, Boeing, Contract Termination, Funding, Lockheed, Lockheed Martin, Manned Spaceflight, NASA, NASA, SpaceX

NASA’s prior work to return Americans to the moon isn’t dead yet, but we may want to get a priest.

The big remaining issue will be about funding for contract termination, which I predict will be paid for by NASA.  And that’s not a very bold prediction.

Termination costs are why no contractor in their right mind will take on the risk of committing their own funding–for projects of this magnitude–to government work.  Too risky.

However, Lockheed, Alliant, and Boeing may want to leave the lights on for the SpaceX guys.

Or they may just want to give SpaceX an offer they can’t refuse, like buying them out.


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