Colonel’s Wife: ‘I Speak For My Husband’

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Army, Drinkwine, Fort Bragg

Retribution happens?

It’s pretty unusual when the three-star gives a ‘no-contact’ order for the commander’s wife to stay away from her husband’s brigade, but that’s just what happened at Fort Bragg.

This is a bizarre and sad story.  Given the evidence, seriousness, and the repercussions of this sort of misbehavior, it can’t be waved off.

I thought we were all beyond spouse’s wearing their significant other’s rank.  Seriously!

  1. household 6 hooah says:

    It would be nice if we were beyond wearing our spouse’s rank, but unfortunately, it happens. But I must say, as a Army wife of almost 10 years, I have never seen it go this far. I have issue with what she did, but he also let her use his rank. For me, both of them are at fault.

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