Cutting Capability To Create Strength?

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Army, Army, Budget Cuts, Funding, John McHugh, OSD, Secretary of the Army

The guidance for the services to come up with $2 billion in cuts for the FY2012 budget has been met with hosannas from the Secretary of the Army John McHugh.

The alleged carrot in this is that the services are supposed to be allowed to keep some of the savings.  I’m not sure how that would work because when Congress appropriates funds, it’s intended to go towards a particular use, and reapplying funding towards other programs is something Congress has become less and less enamored with through the years.  That’s why they keep lowering the threshold for the “reprogramming” funds from one program to another.

BTW,whatever happened to spending our way to prosperity?!

Too bad OSD didn’t come up with a–let’s say $5 billion bogey.  Oh, they did, but that’s two more years out, eh?  I guess then the Army will start to get really strong.


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