Russian MAD Men and One Big Suggestion

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Bulava, Homesteading Act, MAD, Nuclear Weapons, Russia, Ukraine

The general idea is that Russia can, will, and must cut its nuclear arsenal.

Why?  It begins and ends with money.

The slumping global economy, especially in Western Europe, means less cash in hand from Russian energy sales to achieve muscular military systems. They can’t get their Bulava system to function as is, and additionally, Russia doesn’t need nuclear weapons to achieve most of what it wants as is, witness Ukraine’s decision to drop membership in NATO.

The world has changed and U.S.-Russian parity is no longer a requirement.

What was it that made parity a requirement to begin with anyway?

Now for the suggestion: Russia, given its grim demographics and aged-out infrastructure, should open vast areas of their territories for homesteading as the U.S. did in the later 1800s and beyond.  Who would go?


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