NASA Finds New Criticism and Skepticism Before Congress

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Commercial Space, FY2011, Manned Space, NASA, NASA, President's Budget
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There is a reason Congress is incredulous.  It’s because the disconnect between what the President says NASA is going to do and what the President’s FY2011 budget funds is a yawning chasm.

There’s some sort of ‘watch what we fund and not what we say’ lesson here.

Still, I feel commercial manned space is the way to go as the existing model sure isn’t providing much for the nation.  Unmanned space provides real value and unmanned is the future for terrestrial, aerial, and sea-faring combat vehicles as well.

The biggest goal of manned space has to be to spark space exploration for beneficial, if as yet unknown purposes (like resource extraction).  A smaller secondary goal would be to help sustain a viable space industrial base for national security space needs.


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