Cyberman, Cyberman, Does Whatever A Cyber Can

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Cyber, Cyber Command, Cyber War, Cyberwar, NSA, STRATCOM, USSTRATCOM

OK, we have a ‘warfighting’ cyber command.  Well, actually it’s a sub-unified command, subordinate to USSTRATCOM.  But still…

What does ‘cyber war’ entail?  In this case, I’d suggest ‘war’ is a euphemism for ‘struggle.’  Like the war on poverty.  And that makes it pretty broad.

If you accept that, you might ask “How is the struggle being ‘fought’?”  After all, there is a ‘fighting’ in the word ‘warfighting.’

Based on the subtext, you’d say Cyber Command exists to counter cyber attack.  But just how does one counter cyber attack?  Some mix of defense and offense, certainly.

The article shows one example of the tension between cyber and intelligence which is likely to illustrate some of the turf-battles/jurisdiction issues that already exist.

How will the U.S. develop coherent policies in an area that is changing faster than the ability of policy-makers–not practitioners–to keep pace?

Maybe the policy-writing can be outsourced, too.

  1. ArtMusic says:

    At least cyber war doesn’t take human casualties. Or does it?

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