Once Again, Iran is Bugs Bunny and U.S. is Elmer Fudd

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Diplomacy, Iran, Iranian Nuclear Program, Nuclear Weapons

Well, the title may not say it all, but I think it comes pretty close.

Here is the WSJ’s take.

It has been my experience that offers, whether to buy, sell, or to enrich uranium, are (or should be) of a limited duration.  Example: Billy Mays tells you to call within the next 30 minutes to get two free mini-shamoos with your order.

Similarly, if I make an offer on a car, it has an expiration.  The seller can’t reply back eight months later–after it’s been totaled–and say he will now accept my offer.

  1. […] Iran’s Bugs Bunny to the world’s Elmer Fudd act, which once had a pulse, is now dead on arrival (North Korea and Venezuela […]

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