Imagine A World Without Information

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

A world without information is what it will take to achieve the President’s stated goal of a world without nuclear weapons. That’s because the information for nuclear weapons exists and given the terrible utility of nuclear weapons, it seems reasonable to think there are and will always be parties interested in pursuing that information to achieve knowledge and thereby increase their power. Theorists posit that information seeks to be freed–and free—and while it may be misapplied, laid aside, or even forgotten, it does not cease to exist. Information enables knowledge, which likewise enables all the precursor steps that are required to create nuclear weapons, whether they are associated with nuclear power production, precision manufacturing, industrial development, science and engineering, or computational power.
The President has been both applauded and chided for his recent vision for a world without nuclear weapons. Applauded by the anti-nuclear/anti-defense community who support his vision, but chided by those who in an ironic twist, would be called the realists, something the President would perhaps describe himself as. Often uncommented on by the no-nukes advocates is the fact President’s position is effectively endorsed by Russian and China, and is no doubt a source of great, if tacit, joy from emerging nuclear weapons powers North Korea and Iran. After all, if the U.S. will only disarm, other nations’ power and leverage relative to the U.S. is bound to increase. For Russia, until oil prices rise, they can neither pay for the creaky nuclear enterprise they have, nor modernize. Ignore what they say–that they will modernize–and watch what they do.
The United States is at a point in history where there it seems imprudent to draw down its strategic nuclear forces or delivery systems. While there is trade-space for discussion–if it unarguably benefits our national security–the President should consider the medical maxim: first, do no harm.

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